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  1. high vibration

    For about a year now my 89T has been out of service due to a high rpm vibration. It starts out at around 20-30mph and only when power is applied. As soon as power is taken away (foot off the gas or clutch pulled in) the vibration smooths out completely. Any thoughts on which direction to go to diagnose this issue would be greatly appreciated.
  2. T Tops Leak

    So, like most Z owners experience, my T Tops leak pretty often. Normally it's very little, but there are times where I find my seat drenched and the floor beneath the seats soaked as well, which really concerns me. Sometimes when I'm driving I also get water dripping on my elbow, and it's annoying. Basically I just want to prevent water from coming as much as possible for obvious reasons. And as most of you are aware, new weather striping will cost A LOT. I just don't have the money for that and ...