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  • Pictures in threads and sig's

    Please size your sig pictures reasonably. I have recieved complaints from people on slower connections of how long some threads take to load on account of pictures. Images are so easy to resize that there's really no excuse for not doing it.

    1. Please do not post pictures larger than 1024x768 in threads.

    2. Please do not have sig pictures much larger than your typical web banner. This is an open-ended size for people to have a little flexability, not to post a 320x240 image every time they post. Take a look at mine and base it off that.

    ***There are two VERY easy programs for resizing images for the web. The first and easiest is paint. Simply open the image in mspaint (start>run>mspaint) and select image>stretch/skew and enter a percentage to resize.

    Another for XP users is the XP power toy 'image resizer'. It's a simply right-click to resize images to 640x480 for board posting. I find it very useful and it is available for free download here: ... rtoys.mspx