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33rd Annual ZCON Nashville, TN

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  • 33rd Annual ZCON Nashville, TN

    The ZCON week kicked off on Monday. I'm registered for the Saturday car show. Anyone else going? Say hi if you see me, red 89 Z31 with refinished dark grey metallic Turbo wheels. I will probably be wearing the Tim Morgan Z31 T-shirt.
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    Is Tim Morgan the original "Morgan" from years ago? That was the first site I used loved it back in the day, "Morgan" ran it but wasn't ever sure what his first name was...


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      Two different people.

      Morgan Fruchtnicht (Morgan) formerly owned/operated, it's currently kept online by Steve Carnahan (Steve88T)

      Tim Morgan (reddzx) owned and flipped Z31's and related parts from his home in Tacoma before he passed away in 2015.

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    Not sure. He has many posts archived here. I don't recall what his screen name is though. Felipe Pereria (sp?) helped out with making the shirts after Tim passed away.


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      I bet it may have been him. Does anybody remember site, I started using it in the late 90's off dial-up modem and it helped me a great deal over the years.


      • #5 was my lifeline back in the day. I had an 86na back then and I couldn't do much mechanically but it still helped me a ton. The other day I actually came across a stack of stickers that I never used. Being totally disorganized as I am I have no idea where they are right now.


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          I bought a ton of little parts, got hints on how to hunt down gremlins and overall got a ton of advise from that website. It was really the first board that I was active on. My mechanic in LA at the time Z Expert knew these cars better than anyone but there were a few times I got some little hint that helped to fix a situation. I awlays wondered about who Morgan really was, those were the days when a "moderator" did a lot on that site. I had those stickers too on my cabinet in my garage in my old house wish I had that one back.