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  • Nitrous needs

    Im going to put nitrous on my n/a .

    How big of a shot could the stock injectors hold ? n/a injectors.

    And what else should i get along with the kit?

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    Piss on worrying about the stock injectors.
    Buy a wet kit.

    The typical shot of nitrous and gas is 75-100hp.

    *Don't forget the most important part of using nitrous...
    Pulling some timing to get it to burn!

    Do your research.

    Do not put a dry nitrous kit on the Z31, unless you plan to handle the fuel in a different way.
    I am here to help...


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      Their ya go bro. Nice post from Dan.

      I know the STock VG can easily handle a 150 shot wet but I honeslty don't know how I'd run it on a regular basis to keep from destorying the engine. I've read a plehtora of discussion about timing retard etc. The general consensus seems to be that 1 degree of timing retard per 25 shot of nitrous is a great place to start. I wouldn't take this to the bank. Maybe Dan can elaborate.

      The timing belt is the only thing about the entire VG engine IME(and the Plenum on the Z31's) that sucks as we all should know. All of my VG engine projects are gonna be running some sick ass kevlar(or whatever blend) belts if I can find them for a fair price as I never wanna worry about destorying $250+ valves with a broken belt.

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      Ucked Fup!!!


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        I think im going with a 100 shot of zex wet .


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          S742DUS7 wrote: I think im going with a 100 shot of zex wet .
          Signal12 was selling a kit for a good price. Not sure if he still has it.