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    Ok i am wondering what internals would be best to use for 600hp I plan on building a vg30et to 600hp. I have heard even greater numbers reached so i figured 600 would be good fun. Anyway i would like the turbo to spool up pretty quick but still make this power so my question is could i run the 8 to one compression at a high boost to get that power without exploding. I would also like to know what fue managment system i should run. I have read alot but none concerning this much power i have read about 500hp but 100 hp more is a bit different. So here is what i would like to run 600hp and nitrous. Not sure what turbo yet i was looking at some holset turbos or gatrett. i will be useing the car for drag raceing and drifting mostly drag and some street driving(not much though). So if anyone could steer me in the correct direction i would greatly apriciate it. the only thing i am sure of is the romulator thw wide band o2 sensor,and some sort of boost control unit.

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    Are you drunk? You are typing like SATAN.

    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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      you need to read, A LOT

      search around and read the excellent writeups Jason has provided us.


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        Read, Read, then Read again.
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          Ok well if you READ my post you would find that redz31 is my bibleright now. And i am looking for peoples personal experience. Thanks anyway.


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            You asked to be "Steered in the right direction" in your first post and that is exactly what im doing.

            If you Read the Turbo FAQ it would have answered all of your questions and if you would read my Turbo selection writeup it would help you select the proper Turbo for your setup
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              i have read the turbo faq many times. Ok i will get super specific. Ok what engine internals are reasonably priced and can hold 600-700 horse power. Also what kinda boost do i need to run on 7:1 and 8:1 to achieve these numbers. I wound also like to know what turbos people use that handle 600-700 horse power and spool up relatively quick. i am rather terrible at math and need personal experience to follow it up.
              Thanks much


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                Did you really read the turbo FAQ?

                You're going to need forged pistons and rods to be able to hold 600hp + nitrous. You're also going to need at least an 87t+ manual tranny to be able to hold the power.

                I can see just by how you are talking about "how much boost for 600-700hp" that you need to figure some stuff out before you start building up your engine.

                Do you know how turbos work, how they differ? What the difference is between 7:1 and 8:1, and how they affect your engine. Why a certain psi level is just stupid to shoot for unless you know the turbo you're using. Also, why you're probably not going to find a 'quick' spooling turbo that will also feed 700hp.

                There are not a lot of people here pushing 600+hp so most of the work is going to be on your own. You could always just take your car to a 'speed shop' and hand them a chunk of change to do it for you.
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                  A couple more things,

                  You ask about what fuel management to use, but then you say romulator.

                  Why do you want to run such low compression?

                  Do you know what size of nitrous shot you want to run, 50? 75? 125? Dry, wet or direct port injection?

                  Boost control unit? Spend $300-400 and get a nice E(lectronic)B(oost)C(ontroller).

                  Drag racing and drifting? You're coming across as a bit of a ricer if you ask me.

                  I do like the fact that you're asking questions and want to be involved but maybe you should take it one step at a time, instead of trying to figure out the whole thing all at once.
                  It may not be a Z, but it's still got a turbo...


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                    i personally hate rice unless it is covered in gravy umm. Anyway why is drifting and drag racing ricer like. On of the best drifters around runs a very cool mustang. And drag racing is normally all about american muscle. I know how turbos work but not really the differences i know the trim has to do with housings and other things. The 7 to one is almost what came stock on the z31 turbos of 1985-1987 and 8.3 to 1 for 87 and above. On a turboed motor you run lower compression to run higher boost level thus yeilding a higher horsepower while the higher compression the more limited you are on your boost but can still make the same power as a highly boosted low compression motor. A turbo takes a low copression motor and feeds air into the engine causing higher ratios at at boost. So my main question is what compresion ratio should i be running to yeild the fastest spool time and highest horse power which is truely a balancing act. I will be sending the motor to the speed shop for decking, honeing, magnaflux, and some other things such as smoothing the inside of the engine and painting it to help keep oil from sticking to the sides and causing sludge.


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                      ok and on the fuel managment side I really should have said the injection system itself. I know i will need 800cc injectors, a fuel pump to handel the output and new fuel lines to handle the pressure and ammount of fuel.


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                        You need this:

                        1) Money
                        2) Time
                        3) Money
                        4) good rods
                        5) good pistons
                        6) solid crank
                        7) solid block
                        8) heads worked over for your application (which you haven't told us)
                        9) Big turbo (again you haven't stated specific needs/wants)
                        10) Big fuel system to handle said turbo
                        11) Properly sized IC and piping
                        12) Lots of work on suspension/brakes/driveline
                        13) More money
                        14) High school education to properly form sentences which include punctuation
                        15) More money


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                          1. No shit
                          2.No shit
                 shit again!
                          4. Once again what brand
                          5. Once again What brand
                          6.No shit
                 must be a genius
                          8.I thought that was a given duh (I will probably have red z31 do them for me as i am not experienced in performing that task.)
                          9. Once again 600-700 HORSE POWER!!! With as fast spool time as possible
                          10.Got that covered.
                          11.Got that covered as well
                          12.Already planned
                          13.dont be an a$$
                          14.Ap English during my entire high school career. Can you say that.
                          15. once again dont be an ass.

                          Well now children let us review, first thing don't be an ass. I have been building motors for a while in go-karts. I even held the points championship so i know how to build a motor i am just new to nissan motors and the extra five cylinders but it is the same concept. I have now given my specific need three times now. A lot of information is common sense such as, heads, cam, block, crank, and fuel. No need to question my English abilities for I have a higher Education than most in English. i just don't feel the need to flex my intellectual muscle. There is also no need to mention money it makes you look like an a$$. I already know money is involved so come on guys quit playing. If you know it all don't ask another question because if you do I will be entitled to question everything you are talking about and make a list of known items.
                          Thank you.


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                            First off the early model Turbos ran a CR of 7.8:1
                            The differences between 7.8:1 and 7:1 is night and day. Any car that will ever see the street should not ever run anything less than a 7.3:1 CR (in my opinion) .

                            The higher the compression ratio = lower spool time, better low rev range (off boost) power & response, and a overall more driveable car.

                            What CR do I reccomend for you? Well depends on when you want to see full boost, it depends on what kind of powerband you want and it depends on how much money you have to spend on a Turbo.
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                              Allow us to review the goals you have provided.

                              1)600-700 hp with good spool time

                              2) i will be useing the car for drag raceing and drifting mostly drag and some street driving(not much though).

                              3) well you did not give a third one so I can't put anything here.

                              By goals we mean one or more of the following:

                              When do you want it to spool?
                              What rpm range do you desire this engine to operate in?
                              What e.t. and/or class do you plan to run in?
                              I know little about drifting competition so I won't ask for specifics on it.
                              What gear ratios and tire sizes will you be using?
                              What does the car weigh or what will it weigh when in use?
                              Is it auto or manual and which model of transmission is it?

                              Once you answer all those there will be more specific questions based on your response. Now that I have established a small portion of the information we would need, do you feel that at any time prior to this post you have provided us specific enough information to answer all those questions?

                              If you feel the answer is yes I will just shut my mouth and go back to bashing the stupid or lazy.

                              If you feel the answer is no you could easily correct the situation by providing it now and lose the poor attitude you are presenting to people you have asked help from.