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won't start....newb inside O!

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  • won't start....newb inside O!

    just "finished" na2T swap

    87na bottom, butt, ass
    87T turbo, trans, blah
    86na/auto body, slicktop FTW

    starter turns motor over, no fire. All three donor vehicles were shitting for weeks/months before this frankenstien was peiced together. new plugs.

    anyway, I'm tired and starting to space out.
    leave tits for when I wake

    sleep now...

    I wrap my paper weights in glitter.

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    no tits from me...

    Does the fuel pump prime when the key is turned on and the dash lights light up?

    Are you getting spark when cranking the engine?

    With the crank pulley lined up to the 15 degrees mark(third mark from the left) on the lower timing belt cover timing index, make sure that the distributor rotor is pointing at cylinder #1.

    I am here to help...


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      Is the power transistor on the driver's side plugged in?


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        yes, fuel pump does prime and dash lights work.

        how do I check for spark?

        will check distributer alignment.

        I'm not familiar with the power transistor. Where is it located and what is it's purpose?


        I wrap my paper weights in glitter.


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          Pull a Plug wire off and set it on the plenum

          Turn car over

          If you see/ hear/ feel spark, there you go....

          The feel test works ok on our old cars

          Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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            ok, fuel pump does prime

            distributer does point to #1 cylinder at 15 degrees

            took a spare plug wire and cut it, pulled off last bit of sheething and laid on plenum. No spark. Was less than a 1/4 inch from plenum. Then placed on plenum, still nothing.

            Also, contacts in dist cap have some corrosion. Swapped for another with slightly less. Nothing happenned.

            Power you mean the ignition coil mounted on the inner fender? Yes it's plugged in. Also swapped it with a spare but nothing happenned.


            I wrap my paper weights in glitter.


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              No spark can mean a few things.

              Power Transistor is the 3 wire, round looking thing mounted on a bracket right near the ignition coil. It is required for spark. It has a gray oval connector with three wires and needs to be plugged in.
              If that is there, and good to go>>>

              *I would now start with any ecu codes.
              Write all the codes down that the ecu is flashing.
              Haynes manual or on the outside of the ecu, is the steps to get the ecu to diagnostics mode so you can count the flashing lights to understand what codes are present.
              I am here to help...


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                just to confirm...the gizmo pictured is the power transistor, correct?

                well, it wasn't plugged in. Grabbed the one from my 87T and no go. Used the one from my 88na (pictured above....old pic. I don't have my camera at the moment.) and also no go.

                Now, running codes. Let's see if I understand this properly.

                1. ignition on
                2. attempt to start (at least 2 seconds)
                3. turn ECU dial all the way clockwise
                4. it counts one...two...three...etc (for whatever reason, when I do this there is a single flash of the green LED after number two)
                5. select mode three by turning the dial counterclockwise emediately after it flashing three.

                Code shown is 44.

                FSM says 55 is the all clear. Label on my 86na ECU says 44 is the all clear. There is no label on the 87T ECU being used.

                I wrap my paper weights in glitter.


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                  if you have no spark then next thing to check for is fuel. although the fuel pump is priming you dont know if the injectors are firing. take a long screwdriver an touch the end of it to a fuel injector. put the handle right up against your ear and have someone crank the engine. if the injectors are firing then you will hear a distinct click. if you dont hear a click then you have no fuel as well as no spark. 99% of the time this means you have a bad crank angle sensor. its located inside the distributor. the easiest thing to do is to swap out for a good distributor.


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                    ok, cool. bad hangover now so I'll check that soon but I'm willing to bet that is the problem.

                    The motor (and dist) come from an 87na I bought a while back as a sheet metal donor. First day I had it I drove around town. Next day it would turn but not fire. Never worried about it since I was gonna tear it apart anyway.

                    I wrap my paper weights in glitter.


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                      It's alive...barely.

                      checked injectors and no sound. Swapped distributer and it fired.

                      car runs really rough and will not idle. I'm thinking it may be two things. There was barely any gas in the tank and it's been there for almost a year. Added 3 gallons of 93. Maybe it needs to burn through the old crap?

                      Or I need to work on timing. It's an NA bottom end that is now turbo charged.

                      I wrap my paper weights in glitter.


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                        almost forgot.

                        two more things thay may be an influence.

                        could a vacuum leak cause the engine to barely run at all? All vacuum lines are plugged. EGR, AIV, and FICD (?) are removed and holes in plenum covered (sheetmetal with RTV). Only vac line left is FPR.

                        I remember reading in another post that the AFM can get confused if the filter is not in place...something about turbulence n shit...

                        I'm just throwing shit out there now.

                        I wrap my paper weights in glitter.