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  • A few questions

    I have a little bit of knowledge!!! not alot but a bit when it comes to Z's.
    Ok here goes I have a 88na 2 seat I have the engine +tranny out to do the na-t swap
    I am making my own exhaust manifolds + relocating the turbo HX35

    My first question is will the maxima clutch+P.plate work in the Z also will the pathy and maybe the 90-96 z32 non t work they are the same Diameter+the same spline??? ALso is it recommended to not go stock and spend the extra on aftermarket??? Around here they don't offer a kit for the Z only at the dealership!!!$$$

    The car is only for the track and I am taking my sweat ass time on it to do it right!
    The parts stores+ the wreacking yards know jack shit about these cars here in Ontario!!!
    I took this sites advice and went to the parts stores and got prices on gaskets!
    Just to make it short on a full set for the Maxi $550.00, the Z's $430.00,
    and the Pathy $250.00.
    The parts guys hate me because I make them check the part #'s and they always are the same a little different but still the same so they don't make the $$$ of me as they do others! HE HE HE!!!
    Like I said thanks to this sight !!!

    Just one more question I have my 88na 5 speed computer out and I just want to know that I found another 88na computer but it is for a auto!
    I have the Romulator+programmer+chips can I make this other computer work??? just as a spare!!!

    One more thing I haven't looked alot yet, but is there a program on this sight to start a base program for my car instead of starting of at the begining???
    Like I said before the car is only for the track!!!
    I have the Hx35, cobra AFM, still looking for 550cc FI,LSD! 3" exhaust, looking to make at least 400hp!!!
    Porting the heads myself, again thanks to this sight!!!!!

    thanks for all the info on all the sights
    88na2T-s13,q45 swap 12.6@110mph
    87T 2+2 auto,stock

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    Using an auto ecu on a manual is no problem.
    Using a manual ecu on an auto is.

    You should start with one of Jasons bin files.
    You'll need to get the proper K and latency settings before you get too far.
    *This is the most difficult thing in tuning(IMHO).
    Jason is using the rx-7 550cc injectors, you could open his bin file and try to start with using what works for him regarding the k and latency. As for the cobra afm...just follow his write ups.

    You are familiar with and all the info Jason has put there, right?
    The bin files, romulator info, ecu swap over info., all the basic info is there.
    So you are going to be using Live Edit to tune with...
    *Be prepared to take your sweet old time and read,read,read. It will begin to make sense when you get plugged in and start adjusting and seeing results. Don't you dare do this with out the tools. Get a wideband so you can see what you're doing. They don't let blind people drive for a should be illegal to tune with-out the tools too!
    I am here to help...


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      thanks for the info Dan!!!

      Yeah I am planning on getting the Innovative wideband!!! either just before or after X-Mass!!!
      Jay's sight for sure!!! Just wasn't sure if he posted his own bins!
      I've seen+ downloaded the ones for the Z32!
      Thanks again!!!

      PS>>> Does anyone know if the clutches are the same or different???
      88na2T-s13,q45 swap 12.6@110mph
      87T 2+2 auto,stock


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        Wait, no in california right?

        Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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          MrwassmanNA2T wrote: Ontario....

          Wait, no in california right?
          WTF?!! :shock: yeah that would be Canada.
          85 Z31 6.0 LSX turbo 766whp/792wtq
          04 GTO, LS6, big cam, porting, N20... underway for summertime daily driver.