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Brake Theory? Cold and Hot?

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  • Brake Theory? Cold and Hot?

    I bought 2 new front calipers.
    2 new front rotors.
    new front pads.

    And I bled ALL the brakes inthe correct sequence.
    Now the brakes are FLAWLESS and it stops as soon as u touch the pedal.

    Drove perfectly for 3-4 days (every day, the outside temperature was 70-80, ill tell you why in a second).

    Now One night a COLD front came, like below freezing from 70 degrees a couple hours before.

    The next morning I woke up, and ever since then the brake pedal feels like it has "air", it still stops perfectly but it goes in more and also the more you pump it the less you have to push the pedal that next time to stop.

    My theory is that the fluid "detracted" in the lines from the instant weather change and now I need to rebleed them because now there is a bit of air in the lines.

    Am I dumb or correct?
    What could have caused this.

    P.s. (lol). my master cylinder went down just A BIT but after I filled it after the cold its never went down since.
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    Is your vaccum line to the booster frozen off? :lol:

    My only off the charts guess.

    Tho, if it was leaking the pedal wouldn't go down as far, hmmm. so nvm

    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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      Did you bench bleed your master cylinder when you replaced it?

      It could be one of the calipers that you didn't replace leaking air.

      Or some of the stock lines could be crappy.
      It may not be a Z, but it's still got a turbo...


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        More then likely an air leak. When it warm out the leak seals itself up. As soon as it cools down outside you will experience a small air leak. You may or may not lose fluid.

        It will be a tough one to find. Good luck with it.
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          maybe some moisture in the lines froze