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studdering below 3000RPM

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  • studdering below 3000RPM

    its been about 3 weeks now since my stupid injector problem, and i am happy to say my injectors dont leak anymore! but a new problem has started! the car runs very rough at idle,when im crusing and staying a 2500rpm the engine seems to chug or its seem like its being held back, and i notice a weird sputtering from the exaust! its almost like a dog panting.
    until 3000rpm it runs very oddly, but once over 3000rpm and boost hits it runs perfectly smooth and pulls hard for a stock motor! someone times at idle it runs rough, and then sometimes it returns to a perfectly smooth running engine, but quickly returns to running rough.

    ive done the following to determine the problem!
    checked all injectors
    checked the spark plugs wires
    looked for vacuum leaks

    not sure what else i should be looking at

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    Your car doesn't know it is warmed up is what it sounds like...

    CHTS maybe?

    Or like I am battling right now, corroded parts

    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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        chts, MAF, bad wiring to them or corroded connectors.

        At least checking the wiring isn't too hard and is virtually free.

        If the chts and MAF check good then I would suggest checking the TPS as well. Its an outside shot but if f-d me up a few years ago with a similar issue. Its doesn't usually come on the radar screen early in the trouble shooting process but don't leave it out of consideration.

        Good luck.
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