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should the half shafts be loose?

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  • should the half shafts be loose?

    I just replaced the diff/axle seals, and was wondering what actually is meant to hold the half shafts in?

    With the car on the ground i can pull the axles half way out. I know they cant come all the way out cause of the other end on the hubs, but should they move that much? Im wondering if maybe the old seals were ok and they were leaking from sliding out a bit.

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    Uh, do you have the clips on the end of the axles? a lot of guys have a very hard time pulling them out because of the clips. They should not slide out freely.
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      Yea, there should be a ring clip inside each side of the diff. you will notiice on the axle shafts the groves in witch the clips lock. From my experiance
      the clips stay in the diff. And it apears imposible for the clips to come out on the shaft or go in on the shaft(the groves in the diff are deep enough to allow the clip to expand around the shaft, but the grove in the shaft isn't deep enough to alow the clip to compress enough to allow insertion into the diff).
      I would pull the axle out and look inside the diff to confirm the pressence of the clip. And then clean the shaft and or the diff to insure free movement of the clip to lock into the shaft.
      Or just repedidly slam the axle in until it catches
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        i had no idea there was any clips. I guess i better pull them out again.

        So im confused, i havnt got my manual here. When the axle gets pulled out, does the clip stay held in the diff, or does it fall out to the bottom of the diff housing? My axles have been loose the whole time ive owned the car. Some times when i jack the car up they disengage from the diff and i have to slide under and push them back in.


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          The clip should stay in its place in the diff. If you look in through the side with a flashlight you should see it.
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            they will typicaly slide out when the car is lifted. don`t freak out man, the clips stay in place in the diff, when you drop the car back down they will pop back in.

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              yeah, ive been monitoring them for a week and no oil is leaking out so i guess all is well. Thanks for the replies.