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sensor light came on

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  • sensor light came on

    hey guys about 2 weeks ago my sensor light came on and i was searching on ways to reset it this is what i found on

    Remove the glovebox as follows:
    Drop the glovebox door by pressing in the sides releasing the door stops from their holes.
    Remove the screws (4 trim/2 latch).
    Pull the box out and lower it out of the way.
    At the top of the glovebox frame slightly to the left locate a relay. On the right side of the relay you'll feel a rubber-covered button/plunger. Press it in and you'll hear the relay spring reset. Turn the ignition switch on, the sensor light should be off.
    Enjoy the ride!

    i did all of this, and i could not find what he is talking about, any1 have any pics of this relay or the button

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    Or if the car has over 90,000 (I think that's the #) you can simply disconnect it altogether.

    Unless you want to keep the functionality.

    There is a procedure in the FSM and I *think* the Haynes that shows you where the connector is you unplug.

    I don't have either one sitting in front of me right now unfortunately.

    I can look when I get home though.

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      I thought that plug for the exhaust gas senseor was under the steering wheel?
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        it is, more towards the drivers side door.

        MrwassmanNA2T wrote: I thought that plug for the exhaust gas senseor was under the steering wheel?
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