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    red_dog007 wrote: New here, and a little bit of a noob on the z31's. I myself am working on a 240z that I recently got, and just love the Z series. They are the only vehicles that I like from Japan. If the Z series wasn't here, I would most likely be driving around in a Camero or some American Muscle car as that is what I am usually all about.

    red_dog007 wrote: Well, I have the chance to get a 84' 300zx for really cheap. I haven't looked at it yet to find out what sort of condition it is in. All I know is that it needs a fuel pump and the interior is bad. Though I am not sure if it is a turbo or not. I have been looking around, and if it is a turbo, I think that I already know what I would do. Though if the motor is an n/a, can I strap on a turbo and run high boost without a problem, or are there some major differences between the n/a and the turbo vg30's that would need to be modified to handle the turbo?
    It's probably a rusted out NA car, as the vast majority of them I find for cheap are. No major differences, but these links should answer the rest of your questions for now:

    red_dog007 wrote:
    Also I was thinking, about maybe twin-turboing it. Is there anymore room under the hood to fit in another T3 turbo?
    Probably, if you did front mount or removed the PS pump.

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    honestly, from what i have learned, it is far cheaper and easyer to find yourself a junker turbo, and rape it for parts. thats what im doing, and ive already saved 2k, and i havent even started the swap yet.

    the vg30e and the vg30et are basicly the same motor as far as the block and many of the externals go, however, the compression ratios are different, and a few other things. im not sure, but the motor may be a little stronger. (the turbo motor ive been told can handle as much as 500hp on stock internals. although i wouldnt advise it.)

    and as far as the car goes, i bought my turbo z for 300 bucks, and all it needed was a new fuel pump. (which i removed from the parts car for free!)

    anyway, have fun with the new toy! na or not, these cars are a blast!
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