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Help me get this damn turbo out!!!

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  • Help me get this damn turbo out!!!

    I've torn apart the whole side of my engine bay as Im in the process of installing my 60-1. Removed AC, got everything pretty much all apart with little drama. I didn't even break any exhaust studs while unbolting the manifold. However, there isn't enough clearance to slide it off the exhaust studs. So I'm assuming that I need to unbolt the engine mounts and raise the motor up a few inches for the necessary clearance. I have installed many turbos but never had to do it while the motor was in the car, OMG NEVER AGAIN!!! If this turbo shits the bed I will actually pull the motor to do this job as it will be literally hours quicker. Anyways, any personal advice or experiences are welcomed.

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    Loosen the driver's side engine mount and jack the engine up from the driver's side. You can get alot of room like this.


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      Just like mike said... Remove enginge mounts and jack it up from the drivers side of the pan. The only thing that really sucks is the oil/water lines and those stupid things they put on the nuts between the exhaust manifold and turbine housing. I find it easiest to do the rear passenger side nut with a stubby wrench. Once you have the water lines and stupid things off those nuts for good, it should take half as long.


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        Thanks for the fast replies!~ I already have those nuts off and everything disconnected, just gonna diconnect my 2 poly mounts (insert shameless plug here :wink: ) and jack that bitch up to get the necessary 3" of clearance. Then put the whole damn thing back together. The toughest part I found was the heat shields, as I left the upper manifold on which restricted easy access. And the stupid bracket that holds the water lines and Turbo-to-tb pipe and the other one on the back of the block for lifting the motor out. Grrrr :evil: , well almost done, thanks for reinforcing opinions!


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          Of course everything is easier if the motor was pulled out, like mine.

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            Umm...if you haven't finished yet, try pulling the wastegate setup off. My 60-1 wouldn't come off at all without taking off the entire wastegate assembly. I also have an N/A chassis so I had the stupid body mount on the strut tower that I had to break off.
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              Hardry har, funny you mention it! I've got everything back together and while lowering the motor back down onto the mounts I find that the WG bracket hits big time. OK, a little trimming and I'll get it squared away. WRONG! Got it trimmed out correctly and put it back on and all seems well and I have a inkling to test this fugger out before I start fabbing up my intake piping. I rigged up a setup on my compressor and applied some air pressure to it and lo-and-behold the WG actuator is bad, pissing out air all over the place. Oh well, time to buy a new WG actuator, looking into a dual diaphragm unit.