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  • fuel filter replaced

    Well i finally went to change my fuel filter after relieving the fuel pressure properly,then i got the old filter off and alittle fuel squirted out not a problem, put the the new one in, put the fuel line back on the fuel rail,then i go to change the fuel tank to fpr fuel line and hella fuckin fuel is just goin everywhere i was so fuckin pissed.

    Why didn't the pressure in that line relieve? now i got fuel on the whole pass side, i cleaned it up the best i could and its not wet anywhere but i can still smell it in that area,do you guys think thats still a big fire hazard even though its all dried up?
    87 2by2 na2turbo,AE shell comin soon

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    if your worried about fire start the car with a fire extinguiser handy i dont see any thing to worry about


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      As long as there isn't a puddle of fuel somewhere you should be good. Even in the off chance the fumes ignite it'll only be a flash, not enough to seriously burn anything. I wouldn't think so anyway. But having a fire extinguisher handy when working on fuel parts isn't a bad idea...
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