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Aftermartket FPR with FTS?

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  • Aftermartket FPR with FTS?

    Just wondering how many of you are still using your Fuel Temperature Sensor with an aftermarket Fuel Pressure Regulator. I know that the FTS is basically a non-factor when you are already upgrading fuel system components, but would like to see what some of you have done when keeping all of the factory sensors/valves/solenoids operational.

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    I put in an AEM universial FPR. The FTS was just there so I drilled and tapped the FPR, screwed in the FTS and plugged it in.
    ...and how much HP do you have at 0 boost


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      So you were able to put the FPR in the factory location? Any pics? What part # is that AEM Universal FPR?


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        The part # was U300S on the ticket. I put it in the stock position although I had to make a bracket to mount it.
        I didn't really care about the FPR I really wanted a preasure gauge so did them both.
        Sorry don't have any pictures and it is out of the car since I pulled the heads. New heads and L&P plenum may make it necessary to relocate it in the new set up.
        One note. the FPR came without the banjo bolts. Make sure you order them before you start as I had to wait over a month to get them.
        ...and how much HP do you have at 0 boost


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          Russ84na wrote: The part # was U300S on the ticket/The FPR came without the banjo bolts.
          Great info, thanks!!!

          Just be sure to post some pics when you get that L&P plenum on!