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  • stock cam question

    are the stock cams for turbo and non turbo the same? on z31, it says they have the same lift and duration, but i was reading a post where satan said that they were different. Was he talking about stock cams or aftermarket cams?

    I have one turbo and one NA cam in my car. Would it be much difference to run NA cams on a turbo with stock boost? Has running one NA cam totally fucked up my engine?

    I appreciate any insight.

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    They are the same; he was talking about aftermarket grinds because there are different methods for making a good turbo vs na cam grind.

    The only tiny difference in stock cams came in the later engines (both turbo and non), but it's so small it would never translate to any measurable difference.


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      Depends on if they come from a W-Series (late) or non W-Series (Early)
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