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RHD swap on US Z31

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  • RHD swap on US Z31

    Hey im just wondering what you guys would think about me doing a RHD swap on one of your Z31s. Basically I am after a two seater model. And they are just impossible to find over here... I've seen one for sale.. ridiculously overpriced.

    What my idea was was to just get a trashed up one from the States off of ebay.. Ship it over here.. and then use my 2+2 for the parts needed to change it over to RHD...

    I understand that there will be more work than this involved. But work isnt an issue... Its going to be undergoing major surgery anyway...

    But that is where I am at at this time... I got quoted something like $14,000 AU to bite the bullet and get an 'average condition' 200ZR from Japan. Seems steep to me, when there are no real benifits... Engine/Tranny/Year/Condition etc... is not important at this time... I just want a 2 seater... As long as the body is in repairable condition... Im not afraid of hard work... Which is why i go to these extents haha.

    The more and more I see them, the more ugly the 2+2 becomes. And all I see is 2 seaters on here... Anyway.. Just wondering about this at this point. Sometime in the not so distant future I hope to go ahead with it.. Anyone who has one they'd be willing to sell to a long distance customer... would be much appreciated.

    Any opinions, or ideas would be much appreciated.. And perhaps getting one from Japan would be cheaper overall... I really dont know. Just seemed ridiculous to me when that amount was mentioned.

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    Any 2 seaters you see here are imports and it would be cheaper going this route vs getting one shipped from the states and THEN having to do the conversion.

    If you dont mind throwing practicality out the window then sure, but you'd be looking at close to 10 grand just for freight and then you'd still have to get the car complied. After all that legal mumbo jumbo is out of the way and you've waited 6 months or more for it to arrive THEN you'd have to start the conversion. Not my idea of fun personally!

    There are 2 seater 200ZRs around, I have one I'm buying off a friend in the near future but yes they are VERY hard to come by infact almost any Z31 here is now days!

    Dont hate on 2+2's so much! :P


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      I dont hate on 2 + 2s... im just saying after seeing so many sweet 2 seaters. Id like to have one of those too. By the way are you so sure about all those numbers you have stated? Seems like the majority of them were off the top of your head... But anyway, perhaps you are right. And i am wrong... which is the case alot...

      Im not throwing practicality out the window... You must realise how frikken rare these cars are becoming. And the fact is that most of the Z31s in the states were 2 seaters... And there uis obviously more over there than anywhere else. Im just thinking outside the square here. If you dont like it then thats okay.

      And their prices are jacking up to the point where i could get one of the few later model cars im into.

      The 2+2 was just an advertising claim anyway, the extra 2 seats are useless.


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        No I was told by a very reliable source who has access to the original dealer import figures...

        Go and do it and come back to us and let us know how it all went. And then a whole lot of dicking around and 15 grand + later you'll have a stock 2 seater. Sweet! :wink:


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          Ah ok then. It just seems obscene to pay so much... When REALLY all i want, is the bare shell of a two seater. Thats all i want. I guess you are right then. I just thought it would be much cheaper than 14,000 from japan. Thats dogs balls. Its still a stock Z31 no matter which way you look at it. The same cars that can be bought for under 2,000 over here.


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            You've gotta remember too, RB20 in the 200ZR...

            Your best bet would be to find a complete rolling chassis in the U.S that's in mint condition and a very nice seller who will help you get it shipped down here. You're still going to be looking at a big wad of cash to get it shipped though, hell it's going to cost me $1,000 just to get my '86 from Melbourne to Queensland! But then you dont have to worry about compliance bullshit when importing, BUT then you also have to consider transportation as a non running car costs alot more to have shipped than one that does run for obvious reasons.

            It all depends on how bad you want it, it's not going to be easy but a rolling chassis would be your best bet I believe. Gone are the days of cheap Z31's in Australia aswell...


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              Yeah the 200zr... RB20.. god, id just get an R32 If i wanted an RB20 that badly...

              Yeah. Thats actually exactly what i am after... A bare rolling shell...

              Anyone??? lol.


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                You must really hate the 2+2s to want to dump that kind of cash.

                I agree the rear seats aren't worth much, but having the extra space has been kinda nice for me. I like my 2+2
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                  I would get one from the states. I would think even after shipping, it would be cheaper than getting one from japan. Also, it might be worth having as much work done as possible over here, too.
                  Chuck Stong
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                    I would get one from the states. I would think even after shipping, it would be cheaper than getting one from japan. Also, it might be worth having as much work done as possible over here, too.
                    What do mean getting "work" done to it. The whole point of this is to get something I can do everything on myself. Which is why I want a shell. I was thinking it would be cheaper. Just the amount of work maybe a pain in the ass. But everything is if you ever want to be happy when it comes to cars. :roll:

                    Anyway, i suppose ill keep my eyes open and see what i can find


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                      Firehawk wrote: I would get one from the states. I would think even after shipping, it would be cheaper than getting one from japan.


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                        if you're looking to get a beat to hell 2 seater i can dig up a running n/a and drive it to a shipyard in california so long as you pay my travel expenses. i wouldn't charge you for my time, i'd do it just to go on a road trip to california in a Z
                        Funny stories!


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                          If you are serious, here is a descent one. About an hour and a half from where I live in Connecticut.

                 ... dZViewItem


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                            vagabond wrote: If you are serious, here is a descent one.
                            Damn! I wouldn't mind having that one myself. Nice foundation to start with!

                            jn1cz14s1jx203074 khlz31stuc 02/88

                            Model year: 88
                            Manufactured: 02/88
                            Exterior color: 234 (Pearl White)
                            Interior color: T (Black)

                            Vin: JN1CZ14S1JX203074
                            JN1 C Z1 4 S 1 J X 203074
                            Passenger vehicle
                            produced by
                            Nissan in Japan vg30t z31
                            chassis 2 seats Standard
                            system Check
                            digit 88
                            model Nissha
                            Plant Serial

                            Model: KHLZ31STUC
                            The model code tells us this about a z31:
                            Roof: T-Top
                            Engine type: VG
                            Drive side: LHD
                            Seats: 2 seater
                            Chassis: z31
                            Trim level: SS
                            Transmission: manual
                            Turbo: Yes
                            Emissions: Federal


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                              That's an SS.... hmmm I don't think the dealership knows what they have...
                              89' 300zx turbo AKA Smokin' Woody:

                              MGP Plenum, E-Fan, EBC (9.5 PSI), CM Downpipe, MSA turbo back exhaust, Poly Bushing Kit, TSS springs, Illuminas all around, 9" K&N Filter, Mustang Cobra rims with Falken 615's, Devil's Own Water/Methanol Injection kit, TurboXS-H BOV, Hurst Pistol Grip shifter.

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