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  • head gasket

    how hard is it to change the head gasketg on and 85 300zx turbo i have never done one befor but i have the manual and a lotg of time lol can this be achievable

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    Hard? Not at all. Time consuming for a first timer? Very.


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      ^2nd that.

      Just take your time and follow the procedures in the book and you will get through it fine. Once you have done it the first time its not big deal after that. Conquering the unknown and all that. :wink:
      Just stand back and throw money.
      Performance costs money.
      Reliable performance costs more.


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        Worst part is the exhaust manifolds..Other than that,very straight forward.
        Straya, +61


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          Timbo_021 wrote: Worst part is the exhaust manifolds..Other than that,very straight forward.
          Guess I got lucky. Mine came off very easily. No broken studs except for one that was already busted.
          Hey 2slowtogofast, I'm in the middle of doing HG's and mine may be a little more complicated than yours but it's been easier than I thought to get this far. And anybody that's read my posts here can tell you I'm not ace mechanic. Be sure to keep the nuts and bolts stuff seperate and marked somehow and access to good tools is a plus. And buy good gaskets. I'd get the Victor gasket kit from Jason if I had it to do over.


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            thanks im going to give it a go this weekend


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              Right on. Nice thing is you will have the heads out and can have the machine shop (are you getting the heads resurfaced?) pull the studs out. or you can do it yourself. Either way

              Terrible idea putting those wheels on...