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quick question about the MAF

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  • quick question about the MAF

    i think mine died.

    i reved the engine to 6000 rpm doing a burn out. :roll:

    right after that the car will not idle. i checked for vacuum leaks. i didn't have any.

    other history. no emissions crap. 88NA computer in an 85 with resistors.

    checked the timing. its perfect. the timing belt is lined up perfect. the distributor is working and lined up. the fuel pump works. the injectors are firing. no vac leaks.

    i'm going to check the computer for codes in a minute.

    is there a way to test the MAF?? i can't seem to find anything in the FSM about testing it.


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    okay i found the procedure for testing the MAF. i'm going to go check it out.

    i forgot to mention. when i unplug the MAF it idles perfectly. damn i'm so screwed.


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      i tried to check the computer.

      both the lights are blinking at the same time.

      they blink together.

      1 time

      2 times

      3 times

      4 times

      5 times


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        i pulled all the spark plugs.

        5 were black. 1 was white (lean?)

        all were okay.


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          it must be the maf.

          i removed the computer and checked it. nothing is burnt out. it looks like new inside.

          when i unhook the maf it runs good.


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            Try another maf. I think all z31 owners should have a spare handy along with a CAS.
            Chuck Stong
            300+ Parts and Performance owner
            2002 ZCOT president and always active member


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              I have to did this turn out. If it hasn't yet then post back up as to what the issue was.

              I have $1 that says a new MAF wont fix the issue. Just a hunch.
              Just stand back and throw money.
              Performance costs money.
              Reliable performance costs more.