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headliner isssue / rear spoiler

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  • headliner isssue / rear spoiler

    anyone have any tips on fixing the headliner in the back where it meets the hatch it is starting to comedown that is question number 1

    the second would be has anyone here taken there rear spoiler off and left it off i think i would like the way that looks but i have never taken it off so im not sure what it looks like underneath it as far as bolt hole and rust so if anyone did this could you tell me all that was involed to get it looking good after it was off

    and happy easter

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    The headliner needs to be recovered probably. Remove all of the trim where the headliner tucks under. After you remove all the trim, you can pull the headliner down (it will be a thin piece of cardboard-like material and the fabric on top). Peel off the fabric and move all the loose crap from the board. You can buy new material at a fabric shop; its called headliner material. I used Elmers spray on glue and it is holding up great.

    The rear spoler, once removed will look like any NA Z without a spoiler, except you will have holes that will need to be covered. Also, if you have an 86 Z, then there will be a large hole in the center from where the 3rd brake light sits.


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      thanks guys