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  • electric fan install

    hello, I just received my electric fan from ups today, it is a 16" fan, pusher/puller type, 2 wire connection, I want to run this off a toggle switch which I already have, I just need to know how to hook this thing up..thanks in advance..

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    No relay? If your not using a relay just make sure that the switch can take the amps.
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      Yes use a relay.

      There is a dual fan setup here but you can see how to use a relay..
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        o.k. I am a dumbass, I went to autozone and bought a relay, it is an 40amp relay with four post on it, 1 is copper and one is gold and the other two are silver, I cant figure this thing out, I can take a pic of it if anyone wants to help me out..thanks


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          Take a pic, but it should be similar to this.

          2 will be for your low power wire that you run to a switch inside. (85 & 86)
          These will energize (magnatize) the coil pulling the strip of metal down to close the circuit.

          2 will be for the high power wire you run to your fans. (30 & 87)

          Pay attention to the "original" one in this illustration.

          Would recommend ground side switching both of these circuits.

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            thanks I appreciate it, I had it hooked up wrong..