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  • UD pully

    Well i see that UD doesnt sell ud pullys any more for the VG30E , is there any where elsei can find one?

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    Concept Z performance had several left when I bought mine in April. Only had blue though. Anyways here is the guys email:


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      If you're quick you can get one straight from UR for quite cheap as it will either be old stock or have a blemish on it:

      021010003 7/84-4/87 Maxima 3.0L (Red) S6 1 Old Stock $40.00 5-8

      021010004 7/84-4/87 Maxima 3.0L (Blue) U2 1 Blem $30.00 5-8


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        Wow thats freaking cheap!

        Its only 84-87 , the engine im putting in the car is from a 88 , Its still a VG30E though and they look identical.

        I think its just a 88 model with a 87 engine.


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          Ahh, yeah... if its the 88 engine it'll probably be the W block which means longer crank snout and that pulley won't work (that I know of). (if they look the same you probably have a late 87, according to UR 5/87 and later, which should also have the W block with the longer snout)


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            damn i thought i was in luck..


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              You can put early pulleys on w-series engines regardless of the crank snout length difference. You would need to swap your power steering pump(if you can even get one with a v-belt), and ac compressor and tensioner to the early Z31 v-belt style to begin with. Then according to the TSB on the issue you can buy a small ring spacer that fits around the snout to hold the pulley all the way on, the PN is in this TSB near the end.

              Thanks to Mark Lawrence for sending it to me:

              In the end though, my opinion is you've spent lots of time and money to install a part that yields a small performance gain and could possibly decrease engine life slightly. Better off spending your time and money somewhere else.