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what is this and is it important?

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  • what is this and is it important?

    is this important? do i need it? i relocated my air filter and got rid of the elbow and that vacume line was there. can i get rid of it....? if so how..?

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    yes engine bays are critical to a car's operation

    but you probably meant the AIV which isn't


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      That's the AIV pipe that connects to your exhaust. Edit: Since the AIV seems to be a useless part for most people, rip it out and plug it up. I guess it's for faster catalytic converter warmup. It is an emissions device that people remove and still pass california emissions just fine, so I'm not sure how effective it is.

      Please stop posting these questions in the performance forums, post them down in the basic or repair forums where they belong.


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        Rip that shit out..... (I just had a down pipe made for a 100 bucks, mandrel bent and all.) That way The tube isn't there.

        Terrible idea putting those wheels on...