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Removing components from my Engine Bay Noob question

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  • Removing components from my Engine Bay Noob question

    So I have pulled the engine and trans out of my 87NA to make way for the Turbo conversion. I have removed the A/C compressor, condensor, and lines. I have also removed the AIV, and I am using a test pipe instead of a Cat. It might be important to mention that I am located in michigan, and know one cares about emissions at all. Lets just say that anything goes...
    Now for the Noob part...I want to know what else I can remove in order to create a simpler, cleaner looking engine bay. There are these two canisters on the passenger side front of the engine bay in front of the radiator overflow tank. What are these (i heard that one is a "charcoal" canister?) and what are there functions. If i should remove them, do I plug up the vacuum lines leading to them, or just leave the lines open...
    I feel so dumb not knowing what certain underhood components are and what they do..i didnt know what the AIV was or what it did until i read that post by TurboZkid (what is this and is it important).
    Also if you have any other suggestions about components to remove or why not to remove certain components, or any useful links that I can check out, please post them here.
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    you can remove the idle up solenoid and the idle copntrol system , both are on oppsite sides of the plenum ,you will have to fab up some block off plates and use the adjusting screw on the throttle body to control idle. ther egr can go , tho there has been some debate wether it is good or bad to so . the charcoal canister can go ,all it does is recirculate gas fumes from the tank to intake or some shit like that , just plug all of the lines going to the plenum and plumb a hose down to the wheel well for the line coming from the gas tank . also the fpr solenoid can go , its next to the aiv , and it supposed to help with hot starts or something , it plumbs from the fpr to the solenoid and then to the plenum , just get rid of the solenoid and hoses and plumb the fpr straight off the plenum .
    you will be suprized when you see your engine bay without all of these hoses and components .

    somewhere around the z comunity there is a page that show all of the vacuum lines reffered to in my rant , i think it was radares' website or thumpers' i dont remember , hope it helps. if you car blows up it not my fault :lol: . it shouldnt blow up btw..... i was kidding


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      i took everything emmisions related and threw it way.

      heres mine.