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Limits of the stock turbo upgrade question's

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  • Limits of the stock turbo upgrade question's


    i have a few questions about the stock t3 series turbocharger.

    my first one is have people found them quite happy to be bored out for larger and diffierent trim compressor wheels/turbine wheels? i have the situation where i need my shagged out out turbo reconditioned.

    on jasons turbo FAQ he mentions

    "After my jets cooled, I sent an old stock T3 turbo off as a core to be rebuilt and upgraded. Joel at AZ Turbo and Tractor Supply did the job for me at a very fair price. They specialize in trucks and farm equipment turbos, but can do just about anything turbo related, and well. He rebuilt the stock T3 center section, used a garrett stage 3 turbine and t04S (AKA 60-1) compressor:"

    from reading the FAQ im assuming the stock compressor housing can be used ?

    also for other people with a similar turbo setup do you find this very laggy compared to the origional turbo? i am also planning on running a good size intercooler ( not overkill ) but im wanting to know this will spooled by 3000 rpm ?
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    The most I've seen from a stock T3 was Stinky's car... I think it was 291rwhp at 18PSI.

    If you stay with the stock turbine you will most likely spool before 3K with just about any well-matched compressor. I would say a T04E 57 or 60, or a T04B H3 trim would work great.

    The stock compressor housing cannot be used unless the shop is equipped to bore the housing/seal plate. Most shops will not do this, but compressor housings cost only a little more than what some places charge to bore a stock housing anyway, and they are always a better match for the compressor wheel being used..


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      here's one that builds very close to stock. It uses the stock turbine housing and wheel. The wheel has been clipped for enhanced flow ability. This practice has been argued already, but with no real prooof to back the arguements. I know what I have seen first hand with the Eclipse cars....I am about to make claims with the two builds I have rolling. First up, an '87T and later the "Project'88T" car.

      The problem/ misconception that many have is how quickly the limits are reached with a larger compressor. This one I'm showing is rated for flowing 51lbs./min. On stock injectors/stock ecu...and all other mods completed(exhaust/intake/cam gears/intercooler,etc)...7-8psi is max before seeing afr's that are undesireable on the wideband in higher long pulling gears.
      *Depending on your realistic budget...a T3 compressor or a compressor with similiar flow ability might be the answer if you cannot afford to do supporting mods to truley utilize a turbo like Jasons or the one I'm showing(T3/TO4B V-Trim)
      The T4 ompressors mentioned thus far in this thread are far superior to the stock T3, but cost $$ to use properly.
      just my 2 cents
      I am here to help...


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        Dan TSS

        thanks for your thoughts on that one.
        i do roughly plan on doing supporting mods to suit a higher engine output
        jason has a good point about the price, im going to need all the parts for thge upgrade anyway so may as well do the lot once and do it right.
        i think a t4 compressor setup sounds like the way to go it sounds as if where you guys are compressor and housing parts are readily avalible.
        i have a fairly long time frame for this car so things will be done month by month as the money comes in. perhaps i might try the upgrade you susggested jason and just buy a full turbonetics t3/t4 brand new when i actually neeed it hmmmmm, problem is the engine is being rebuilt first
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          well while i was having a look at my stock t3 again, just bored so i was having a good look around it with a torch, i notice these 2 cracks about 5mm long and nicely opened up, right at the wastegate flapper opening :shock: so at first i decided i wanted an all new turbo, but then i went for a ride in a mates 300z with a few small mods ( exaust,cams, boostcontroller and base press turned up. i was quite impressed with how well it went so that was when i thought i would get the stock t3 rebuilt for now ( this was before i noticed these cracks ). it has been suggested to me that a t28 turbo from a nissan silvia would be a good replacement and also had for quite cheap around where i live possibly $400 NZD. grrrrr everything in my bloody engine to do with the exaust or turbo is cracked or broken RANT
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