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Magnaflow Catalytic Converter direction?

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  • Magnaflow Catalytic Converter direction?

    Magnaflow Catalytic Converter.

    Does it matter how this goes on?
    There is not a marking for direction.
    For instance: Front---> rear
    Selling left over z31 parts from an 85.

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    Unless the housing is designed to optimize flow in one direction, the actual honeycomb can be flowed in either direction meaning you can install it either way.


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      Great Thanks!
      Just making sure.
      Did not want to screw anything up.

      The stock one I took off was 14" long. So I order the one that is 14" and while installing this with the CM Catback, I discoverd I need the one that is 15 7/8.
      Selling left over z31 parts from an 85.


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        If I remember correctly, the CM exhaust is designed to fit "with" the stock exhaust. That is, if you order the downpipe alone, it should up to what you have because the flanges are in the same spot. Or if you get just the cat or just the catback, they should fit the same... If there's a problem with fitment I would be sure to call Dave at CM and talk to him about it. He has been quick to resolve issues in my experience.


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          I've got a nice used CM High-flow cat for sale if you haven't bought one yet.
          It may not be a Z, but it's still got a turbo...


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            Well I had that cat, then I bought the CM.

            Dom, I am NA running running headers then 2.5 cat on back. I think you have a 3 incher but thanks anyway.

            There are two lengths listed. Same Price.
            So I just measured my stock one figuring it would be the same.
            Well today it seems I am about a little over an inch short.
            This means the CM pipe from the cat will hit the bottom of the car.
            Move it an inch back and the bend is perfect to the contour of the car underneath.
            I have the CM with the dual tips so I guess they might stick out a little more pass the bumper when I test fitted the system. I will call Dave just to re-verify everything.
            Thanks for the replys on a Sunday!
            Really wanted this finished today. Headers and straight pipe is a tad too loud :twisted:
            Selling left over z31 parts from an 85.


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              Spoke with Dave at CM and he is sending me a new intermediate in the correct length.
              Great guy to deal with and gets my A+ for customer service!
              Selling left over z31 parts from an 85.