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86T digital dash, auto Climate control conversion

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  • 86T digital dash, auto Climate control conversion

    Hello I have a 86t, I have a 87t doner, want to swap the transmission 5 speed, analog dash, auto climate control. Only I'm not sure about how to convert the speedo, it does not have a speedo cable, my 86 has a speedo cable to the speedo sensor. I have not looked at my engine harness to see is the 87t transmission harness will just plug in to mine. Any idea's ?

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    Unscrew the little electronic unit from the 87T transmission and hook up your cable from the 86T. The Cable on your car runs to a electronic sender by the battery, while the sender on 87-89 is screwed right on the transmission. I don't at all know if the signals they send out are the same.


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      My 87 with the digital package had the sending unit by the battery.
      My 88 does have it on the trans though. A much better set up in my opinion.

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        speedo conversion

        Maby I just need to swap the dash harness, and see if the transmission harness will plug in. I may just get a 84-86 analog dash and try to find a white dash face.