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  • What's right and wrong???

    Just a question? Does anyone know if there is difference between the N/A gasket set vg30e and the turbo set vg30et???
    I know that I have almost got into a fight with the parts store owner because he would not look at the bottom of the screen to see the T after the vg30e??? any feedback would be apprecieted! I know that there is a difference of 100-150$$$ Also is there a good reason why if we are changing a N/A to turbo we need to change the cross member!!!
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    the inlet to the turbo won't clear the crossmember. the engine mount will be in the way.

    i would imagine the only difference in gaskets on a nonturbo is the head gasket material. probably not. but you think they would make it stronger for the added pressure of a turbo.
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      the driver's side exhaust gasket is different for turbo and non.... everything else is the same


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        It includes all gaskets and crush washers for the turbocharger oil supply line.

        Everything else is very similar or the same including the manifold gaskets. Only difference otherwise is if it's a w gasket set vs non-w.

        That's for the Victor sets... the only fel-blo set I have is missing a lot so I can't compare.


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          but copper washers don't cost anything.... and the exhaust gasket is not much either

          so either they are shipping different quality gaskets or its just gouging


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            Okay/ that clears some things up!!!
            Is there anything i should look out for getting a VLSD?
            I know the differences between the two but is there any hidden things or procedures??? stuff to watch out for??? to do or not to do???
            88na2T-s13,q45 swap 12.6@110mph
            87T 2+2 auto,stock