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  • Input on these Injectors! ... 8788QQrdZ1

    can anyone identify these these mercedes injectors??
    is there any way to tell between the 380cc and 420cc injectors?

    either way they are at a good price!

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    I find it hard to believe that the seller can't find any information about those injectors. Of the eight injectors sitting there, there should be at least one that has a good part number to read off of.

    Anyways, for $10, thats a steal.
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      for $10 i'll take the risk of having them not work
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        Well, you officially let everyone on here know about them and now you've got to outbid everyone else here who wants them (which is probably many) heh. =)
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          that's the exact reason why i don't tell anyone about good deals that I find on ebay. I saw a set of turbo injectors go for $35 last week and I didn't say a word about them because for awhile i was going to bid on them.
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            stock turbo injectors?

            Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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              Wow, the selling price was lower than expected but still more than I was willing to pay. Whoever got those; enjoy...


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                oh shit i forgot I was bidding on those. oh well they went for more than I'd pay too.
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