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ECU questions???

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  • ECU questions???

    I know that I read it somewhere!
    Can you use a N/A ECU to run a turbo car??? other than the knock sen. board what is the diff. if any?
    Going to rechip the ecu anyway and program it???
    Feedback would deffinetly help!!!
    Also can you rechip a 1/87t build date- ecu
    what is the big differences between 88 and 87???
    88na2T-s13,q45 swap 12.6@110mph
    87T 2+2 auto,stock

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    If you are going to make changes to accomodate the needed larger injectors, then yes you can use an NA.
    The difference from a hardware standpoint is mostly the knock sensor board.
    I don't know about a 1/87 but I am certain the info can be found easy enough.
    Differences between 87-88 should be nothing. As far as the ecu goes at least.

    Everything you have asked here could be easily found with a few minutes of searching either the internet or this site specifically.


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      As far as I know only some of the 87's can be chipped, and I don't remember what the issue was with the other ones. I would only really recommend NisTune to people now anyway, so you may want to ask Matt. (NisTune link in engine management forum)