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  • Have some money to spend

    alright well i have like 200 dollars i can spend right now...

    I just bought a walbro 255.

    Also bought a nismo shift knob ( Car dident come with one )

    300zx ecu and maf .

    very old maxima emblem .

    Suspension tech springs .

    Koni adjustable struts.

    240sx TB

    any other suggestions?

    Remember im a n/a VG30E FWD maxima.

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    Are your KONI's the yellow sport ones? If so you'll absolutely love them, I've got them in all my Z's and refuse to use anything else...

    What intake filter u got at the moment? If thats not upgraded that'd be good to get now, clamp it directly onto your maf if you have the room for it.
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      Car came with a coustm made intake that bypasses the stock intake box and it has a spectre cone filter .

      One of those kinds you can pick up from autozone for like 12 bucks.

      suggest some other brand of cone filter?


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        Got a photo of your engine bay? I gotta see that backyard setup lol

        K&N, Team Green, Apexi are all good quality filters.


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          TheIndigo88 wrote:
          any other suggestions?
          Polly bushings.

          Unless you plan on turbo or n2o, you should sell that walbro.
          It will not help you any, being that you are na.
          imagination is a virtue


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            Im planing on turbo yes.


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              Should i relocate the batt to the back ???


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                Also have a front strut tower bar and a Rear sway bar comming.

                Once the dude finds it in his moms garadge.................

                Its like 17 years old never used...

                Made by Addco.
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                  How about better seats? Seat can really make or break a car, especially on road trips.
                  Chuck Stong
                  300+ Parts and Performance owner
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                    buy my 86 maxima so i can get it off my lawn
                    86 Black Turbo 5spd
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                      Firehawk wrote: How about better seats? Seat can really make or break a car, especially on road trips.
                      The interor is " Brown " I know i could buy a black carpet from one of those carpet sites but the rest i would have to dye or reapoulstered.

                      humm maybe a muffler ?? The stock one has holes.

                      What do you guy's suggest?


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                        My suggestion is to save your money for a turbo setup


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                          Jason84NA2T wrote: My suggestion is to save your money for a turbo setup
                          I'll second that.

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                            I still love my NA, but nothing felt slower after boosting hard in my 86! It feels like a snail... (Sorry to my NA, you know I love you lol)


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                              i was thinking to start by buying this rebuit T3 .48 A/R for 100 dollars...

                              OR is that to small for a power goal of 300hp ?