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will these rims fit my 85zxt

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  • will these rims fit my 85zxt

    hey guys just wondering if these type of rims would fit my car , ive done some research but cant find the off-set for these rims . they are from a trans am gta 16x8 and are 5x114 . let me know what u guys think

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    I am fairly certain that those wheels are not the same bolt pattern as a z31. If they were from a grand prix, then I think they might work.
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      5 lug Z31s are 5x114.3, so yes, they will fit.
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        ive been looking for meshies for my z for quite a while but kinda hard to find some for that bolt pattern . but the gta rims are that bolt pattern and plus there pretty wide


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          You sure those are 5x4.5"? Some of those cars had 5x115mm, which is ever so slightly close but you should still ream the holes to make them fit correctly (as is the case with grand prix wheels).

          Also, if the offset is much lower than the grand prix wheels (which are also 16x8 and fit very nicely on 84-85 cars) then they may stick out from the fender flares.


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            My trans am had the 5x1.15 i am pretty sure

            Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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              trans am / camaro / corvette wheels are 5x120 (5x4.75) they will NOT fit on a Z.

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