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Using Cooling mist (meth/water pump ) with an intercooler

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  • Using Cooling mist (meth/water pump ) with an intercooler

    Ok so From what Ive been reading Iam really trying to avoid detonation or even getting close to it. From my understanding Iam trying to fight the intake temperature. Ok so intercooler helps a lot but would it be even better if a meth/water injector was added? would that perhaps make it safer to boost up to 14 to 15 PSI on a stock T3 ?
    Keep in mind that factors like a larger (walboro) fuel pump were added and that the only detonation danger and instability came from the air temp alone.

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    I have a 31" x 12" x 3" OBX-R bar and plate intercooler with a T3/T04E 50 trim and have been boosting at 15-17psi without the meth injection running. I have run 22psi, but misfire due to needing new plugs.

    Check your timing. Possibility that it is too advanced causing your det.

    Then again, meth injection is not a horsepower additive in itself, but can control det to an extent.

    Again, check your timing take some out. Might cure your problem.


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      Only if you have the fuel system potiential to take advantage of the meth injection and provide fuel for the additional airflow.