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    The fiche gives a five digit part number, but what about the second set of five numbers? Everything I look at on courtesy has xxxxx-xxxxx. Thanks my bros.
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    You need to learn how to read the fiche...

    That 5 digit number goes to a 10(11?) digit Part Number, located further back/down in the fiche.

    Let's say you wanted a new rear view mirror:

    The "part code" is 96321.

    Scroll down to the second half of the page, to where the numbers table is. You see on the left where it says "part code"? This is where you match up the part you want.

    Note the last part code on the page is 96301, but our number is 96321...What do we do? Go to the next page.

    In the Fiche, the next page is ususally in alphabetical order e.g.(a, b, c)

    Since we're on 7b12, let's go to 7c12:

    Ahhh, now you see the part code 96321? "Mirror-Assy Inside"

    "07/83- " means all years. "2S + 4S" means both 2 seater and 4 seater. Then you see what suspiciously looks like a part number, IT IS!!

    Find the one that matches the color you want, and ad our "96321" prefix to whatever code it matches up with. i.e. Blue: 96321 + 01P13 or 96321-01P13

    Does this help?
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