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code reader port on 87 ZX

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  • code reader port on 87 ZX

    I have been trying to find the port on my ZX to plug in my code reader. I have looked intensely under the front area by the steering wheel and the fuse box. No luck. I need specific instructions: what color is it and is it a pig tail or a a stationary port? Help !! I need this info badly ! Thanks !

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    That's easy, you don't have one.

    The Z31 is pre OBD and Consult.

    To read the error codes, you need access to the ECU

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      I thought it was next to the blinker fluid.

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    Actually some of the later Z31s (87-89 IIRC) did have a DLC plug for Consult, located directly above the ECM, on the passenger side, rectangular black and purple connector.

    There is nothing "extra" that you can get from using the Nissan Consult-I scan tool to diagnose ECM mode 3 codes and mode 4/5 data streams, only the convenience of not having to decipher flashing lights. It's easier to just open up the FSM to the EFEC section and follow the instructions on how to read codes and data streams off the ECM light sequences.

    You may be able to find a working Consult-I on eBay, just make sure it has the diagnostics program card.

    P.S. modern OBD-2 era scan tools will not work, even with the "adapter". The only things I've found to work are the Consult-I or just deciphering the flashing lights on the ECM.
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      1996 was the last year there were no ODBII ports, 97' every car had them. I bought a 97' Q45 that had it and the 96' I was cross-shopping didn't have it.