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  • Analog Gauge Change

    Well im working on redoing my gauge faces since black and orange doesnt match what im going for and the factory gauges are to plain, right now i have a close to final of my oil pres face since i did not want to pull the whole cluster just yet so here is a rough draft that is almost complete, also no its not going to be like 90% of the ones you will find with them printed on paper and hard to see at night, i am going to keeo the factory backlight setup just put in led bulbs eather blue or hyper white not sure anyway here is the image so far done 90% in ms paint.

    leme know what you think id love some ideas if you got um.
    Oh yes the changes all i did was color, font, and the other subtle ones wich you all notice.

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    Well i got the image to a point i was ready to print on some photo paper to test fit and make sure everything lined up i was surprised i only have to move 2 things just a little other than that it was all straight anyway here is a photo of the test fit on top of the factory face so the paper would not droop down and bend, also i know its a little hard to see the plexi on my cluster is a bit worn and has a couple cloudy spots i plan on resurfacing them and geting rid of all the scratches after i am done with the gauges. I would also like to add that i realise the blue on black is a bit dark though its not in final form so i have no idea what its going to look like when finished but here is were its at.


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      Looking good!

      Make sure to change the 'OIL' Markings on the front too, and maybe paint the gauge arm white, red?
      It may not be a Z, but it's still got a turbo...


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        here's an idea that doesn't require a TON of custom modification. Get a guage pod from an 87+ car. Remove the filters behind the lights and replace with desired color. Congrats, you now have white faces with desired color when the headlights come on.
        Funny stories!


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          Yah i realised about the 87 gauges but i wanted something custom not just the color and it actually isnt that bad its just hard to find some of the materials i need since im in a small town. The oil i already have changed actually i dont have a pic of it but it now says nismo in blue writeing with the red o in nissan font with a red box around it, i will post pics when i get farther done i am curently on the volt gauge and it is nearly complete oh and the needle im kind of iffy on i think im going to go with florescent red so it has a little extra zing to the color when the hyper white hits it.