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Anyone recovered their door trims?

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  • Anyone recovered their door trims?

    Im thinking of redoing the door trims in my Zed as they are the only thing that really spoils the otherwise good interior. Does anyone have any pictures of how they went about it or any finished products...?

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      Ah okay, i was thinking of covering over the original material as you so suggested... as there is only flimsy particle board behind it... then i was thinking of making up something out of aluminum or thin steel to use as a backing, retaining all the holes to mount everything, then covering the aluminium/steel with a leather or something... more work, though i just have the idea that if i covered the original trims they would peel off in the good old Aussie heat.

      Still your method sounds good, Id like to see the pictures... One of the things i really dont like about the door, after years of use the padded interior armrest is really soggy just in the section where you normally open the door...

      I was thinking of replacing these with something else that is less padded, but i probably wont, it will be hard to get anything that suits the interior, without looking stupid.

      Cant wait to see your pics.