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    I'm about to install the electroluminesent gauge face to my 86 n/a. I have read AZBUM's instructions and my question is " do I leave the cluster illumination bulbs in place or remove them because the new cluster self illuminates? the instructions provided do not speak to this. So I would assume they are to be left in place. Thanks in advance for help.
    1986 n/a 300zx stick

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    I have no facts to give you, only speculation. But I would assume that IF the guages are self illuminating then you would no longer need the bulbs to light the gauges.
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      From the pictures I've seen (I'm doing this from memory, so this is very vauge) it seems like the electro-luminescents go in place of the old face, or cover it up, but it would seem to me that you would use re-use the factory bulbs.

      EDIT: I re-read Z-Bum's page, and he ended up using mini U.V. lamps, so he didn't use the stockers...

      here's the quote from his page;

      Please note that the installation of the UV lights is totally optional. David84AET has them in his 88SS with the now NLA white overlays and I thought it looked cool. In order to really bring out the needles at night, I opted to install mini UV lights to make the needles really glow. I bought these at Fry's Electronics. The lights were $9.99 each. The driver supports two lights and was $7.99.

      In order to take full advantage of these lights, you really need to remove the original lights. Simply take the rear trim piece and remove the original light assembly.
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        Yes, I read that too, but his reason was to make the needles "really glow". My reason for asking is that because of the labor needed to r/r the cluster, I really dont want to try first with, then try again without bulbs. It appears everything is illuminated except for the needles themselves once the new cover is installed. I'm leaning towards retaining the bulbs to provide light to the needles. Just seeing if someone who's done it left the stock bulbs in there.
        1986 n/a 300zx stick


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          I have done this to my 87 with a kit from ebay. the kit is designed for 84-86's, but they advertised it to like 88 I think oh well. Be very carefull taking apart the dash to get the gauge out. then look at how everthing is connected before trying to seperate it. If you have never taken this apart, figure easy 5 hours of testing and fitment to get everything right.

          I removed all my lighting bulbs but two top ones to help me see the needles.

          SIDE NOTE: After installing this and having it for the last month, I wish I had not wasted my time on it. It doesnt look OEM like I have seen on newer cars. oh well, junk yard visit next summer will fix it.


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            Thanks very much for the hands on advice. I've had many clusters apart with many cars over the years, so thats of no concern. Do you mean the lighting does not look OEM or the silver overlay?
            1986 n/a 300zx stick