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    I didnt read really any of this thread.

    I have a switch running the blower on one speed. Coolant goes through the HVAC core at all times, and when I flip the blower on it vents to the defrost (which is default). It defrosts/fogs just fine even though there is no "dryer" or AC. Gets kind of hot with the coolant always circulating through.
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      Ya the way you want to do it is literally the exact same way I started doing it, then a couple hours into trying to build the box for the heater core I said screw it and tossed it all and bought the summit racing one for $150 that has 3 speed control, and is rated at 260CFM and 28000BTU heat exchange. I read some reviews on other forums (mostly jeeps and buggies and such) and everyone says they really heat the vehicle up even in relatively cold weather (0 degrees celcius). I will be building brackets to fasten this under the dash and plumbing into the defrost vent only.


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        I was really debating about what to do about mine, since I kind of wanted a fresh cool air vent to my head/maybe feet just to cool off with out the windows open. Basically, just a defrost with heat, and then a cool air to head/feet.

        I might just say forget all that, run straight defroster and get a cool suit. This particular Z will mainly be a track car so not too much need for the cool vent.

        So yeah, I think I'm just going to use the stock stuff and make it defrost only. Do you have any pics of your progress roastin? so far im about 50lbs lighter then when I started, thats stripping the interior and adding the cage. I need to start dropping more...

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