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  • lincoln memorial light

    The lincoln memorial light recently came on, what does that mean?
    87 2by2 na2turbo,AE shell comin soon

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    Dahahahahaha I'm assuming you mean the yellow light on the dash that, well.... Looks like the Lincoln memeorial?

    That is for your cooling system. I believe it means you are low on coolant. go check it out.
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      hahaah ya i remember someone askin about it along time ago on and referring to it as that,so i thought id use that to and you guys would know what i was talkin about more,but ya my coolant was low last time i checked thanks
      87 2by2 na2turbo,AE shell comin soon


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        I drove my car for a month before noticing that and wondering wtf it was for. I got curious enough that i had to go look it up.
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          it was on when i bought mine too. i was like what the hell is that? then when i saw what it was for. it all maid sense



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            That can't be the Lincoln Memorial light, it doesn't have enough fences and barricades around it.


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              if you're lucky enough to have one when you buy the car. then you would be right :wink: