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    For those that thought my last design looked a little Corvettish
    ... you are right ... so back to the drawing tablet.

    The big problem, as I stated before , I never did like the tail
    lights or bumper for the Z31 series. The bobbed tail design is ok.
    I really don't have any reason to change that. Only a futard would
    cut off the rear a weld on a Civic rear end. Even converting over
    to a 200ZX rear can't be justified. But maybe a Z32 rear?

    Here is what someone did to a Z32.

    There just aren't many option available for custom tail lights.

    Some current working drawings

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    1artworkz wrote:

    I would buy one!


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      Personally I love the first design, but could the lights be done in a single slash mark, up and down, kinda like a cadillac? Maybe done with led's? Maybe some smaller slash like ones for reverse?


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        Wow, those are all ugly as sin. Keep the stockers

        Coupes > Fastbacks

        Money pits:
        '71 Oldsmobile Cutlass
        '92 Fastback
        '91 Onevia


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          I love to SIN!Bu-wha-ha-ha-ha


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            Who is smart enough to know what car those tail lights are off of?

            Think you know? Post your answer.


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              first is a mustang??

              second, third .... i couldn't stop throwing up from the first so i didnt look :lol:


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                I dunno, but it reminds me of this.

                Try this. Instead of replacing all the lights, just make an applique that goes over the center area and the inner half of the tailights. Make it out of a dense, dark mesh so the lights still work through it.


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                  what would the OEM tail lights look with the lower valence??

                  some of the comments .. start'n to sound like some other forums ... :roll:
                  '84Z31 GLL turbo|theZenthusiast site: |

                  Originally posted by maronee
                  PS - by the way your Z31's famous here in japan, dude!!


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                    I like the one that has the taillights on their sides. III III. Like that. I think that one has a good feeling to it. Thats just my two cents anyway. Personally I dont like the exhausts being in the middle like that. I think it looks like something that people would do on a small hatch back or something...

                    Oh and to be honest. I think those taillights look like the 87-9 front indicators lol. If you could get some of them and change their colour you would be right. I'm trying to think of a car that may have those style tails for you to play with... If i can ill put it up. Looks good though. I'd keep persisting with the one i mentioned.


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                      1. Must-ang new body style
                      2. 240sx?
                      3. Z32, or just a recolored version of #2


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                        Nope. None of those ... not even close.

                        Here is a hint. They are off a Nissan product.


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                          Nissan Pulsar?


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                            Hmm...Not a fan yet. Keep trying. I don't like the 87-89 tail lights. But i dont like the 84-86 fronts. i think i need and 86 and swap the front....


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                              Negative on all of the above!

                              The others look like Z32 rear lights...