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Canadian to US digi-dash swap

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  • Canadian to US digi-dash swap

    I've got an '87 Canadian turbo with the usual intermittent digi-dash problem, anybody know if a US (SAE) digi-dash would be a straight swap for the metric, or are the sensors, etc. calibrated differently?
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    I believe it would be a direct swap as the USDM digi dashes have a button to convert the display to metric.
    I'd check the power supply first. Odds are that the dash is fine and the intermittant contact is in the power supply module.
    Its not a difficult DIY repair if you are handy with a soldering iron.

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      my parts car is a canadian 2+2 turbo with a digital dash. the dash worked perfectly before i pulled the motor. if your interested in the power supply or anything else let me know.
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