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Stereo setup.. question about amps

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  • Stereo setup.. question about amps

    So i'm having best buy install my stereo at the moment. The rear carpet just has that insulated foam junk under it.. any suggestions on alternatives to screw 2 amps into the floor? I was thinking of just cutting some wood to fit the amps but I didn't know if anyone else has some better ideas?

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    Most amps require you to isolate their chassis from ground. IE you can't mount the amps body to the car body. Fortunately, they usually come with isolators of some kind if this is the case.

    Pick a spot you want to put them, cut a piece of wood to fit the area, and mount the amps to the wood. Make sure your mounting screws/bolts dont go all the way through.

    Also be sure you don't use too long of fastners and put a hole in the gas tank.


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      ^ what he said. Also consider mounting them inside of the cargo compartment if they'll fit. Most people don't use it for anything anyway and it will keep them away from prying eyes and the elements.
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        heres how i mounted mine in the hidden compartment

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          well, i had no idea this compartment existed.. now it makes sense why a bar is there to lift it up. There was some black box underneath and it seemed to be bolted to the inside of it.. not enough room for both my amps as they are much larger then the capacity this this area has. Any clue what this black box could be? it also had a wire coming off it with a connector end almost looked like it could plug up to a computer.. weird.


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            Well since it is not stock on ANY of our cars, I would say you either need to take a picture for us, or give a better description. At this point I vote it's a flight data recorder.


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              aehs01 wrote: well, i had no idea this compartment existed
              That is just funny!

              That would be a nice little suprise if I didnt know about it allready.
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                I own an SS.. maybe i'll take a picture if i can find my camera.


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                  my SS had nothing in the little compartment. Whatever is there, I don't think it was factory.
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                    This was the inside of it, one screw was holding the top plate together.


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                      That is some kind of aftermarket stereo tuner I think. But I don't recognize the component layout. Do you have a picture of the outside or any numbers off it?

                      Nevermind.....that is a cell phone.

                      I missed the 800mhz stamping on the tuner.