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  • Manual window conversion

    I'm looking into converting to manual windows. Anyone know of a car that has swappable window guts? Or is this going to be a hack and fab job? I'd once heard something about a Canadian model that had roll down windows, is this a myth?
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    Lemme guess... Weight?

    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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      Weight? I don't really think the window motors are too terribly heavy. I just prefer manual windows, and I think it would be cool to have manual windows in my slicktop project.

      Do you think the dealer could get ahold of Canadian replacement parts? That would be really cool.

      Its not exactly imperative that I get this to work, just something I would "like" to do.
      "I'll make it fit....where's my hammer?"
      85' Turbo (NA block & pistons, Megasquirt II, 450cc injectors, vertical radiator, modified turbo, ST springs, KYB shocks, Poly bushings everywhere)

      84' Slicktop V8 Project (rusting)
      95' S14


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        hey i have a SF model and just so you know because of the manual windows the door panels are slightly different. There isn't any cut-out for the wiring and the arm rests are about 3/4 of the length of the ones in all the other z's because at the end is where the lever is for the window. If you'd like a picture I'll take one tomorrow for you.


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          I saw an sf once when I was young, I never knew they were special at the time, most cars have power options seperate from the other features like a/c and whatnot here

          the canadian market is funny about options and pricing.... for example honda sells dx ex si in the us (example), for us our dx would be a new lower end model, the ex would be the dx and so on, the real si would be renamed si-r in canada

          however it means we get some cheapo variants of cheapo cars.... which is always a plus/minus situation but it means more variety in the end

          however lately the dollar parity means we don't get renames.... instead we get a cx... or csx in the case of acura (new civic with paddle shifters and stuff)


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            How about that pic? Would be interested to see it, I have heard tell of these many a time, but have yet to see it.

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              Yes, a picture would be great as I, and most of us, know little to nothing about the SF models!
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                Maybe i'm lazy but last I tried it took some real effort to have to roll up a window manually after being used to electric windows forever lol


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                  pretty cool idea in my opinion when going to a slicktop. I like the originality. Good luck with it.
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                    I used to be against power windows. My only expirience with them prior to my Z was my dad's pickup and some other cars. The problem, as i saw it, was that the switches wore out frequently.

                    Then, of course, i started driving a Z and I've had zero troubles, so maybe they aren't so bad after all
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                      I can back up what peg city Z said... Upon looking at an SF in person, I noted that the window regulator would probably bolt in, but the entire door panel and armrest was vastly different. You would probably be better off swapping the doors, but obviously someone could give it a shot and let us know for sure.


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                        What does SF stand for????
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                          RedBeauty84ZX wrote: What does SF stand for????
                          I don't remember why I think this but I think I read back when I first got my Z31 (1985) that SF stood for Sport Functional.

                          I said this on the other forum before and someone said I was wrong. Maybe since that was 22 years ago.....


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                            So actually, 99% of the time they DO mean something to the manufacturer.
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