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Anyone seen these headlamp covers?

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  • Anyone seen these headlamp covers?

    Found a picture googling,

    anyone seen these before?

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    yeah you could get those from motor sport auto for like $40 if i remember correctly they come in smoked or clear.


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      last I checked, msa only sells covers for zenki model Zs, not kouki, you may have to cut your own plexiglass, smoke it, and then mount it up.
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        edit: under model guide it says datsun 280zx, typo?

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          You can check BlackDragon

          ... or eBay ..
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          PS - by the way your Z31's famous here in japan, dude!!


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            ive got a set around here somewhere. i think it said something about being the same part # for 3rd gen camaros.


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              I dont have the box anymore but I know they fit on my 87. I bought them off ebay a while back.


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                yeah, Ill have to go find them and take some pics. Im trying to figure out my crazy lights prob right now


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                  my 89 has em... and i think ive seen them for the 84-86 in MSA before...
                  wouldnt be hard to make. very simple design! and boy do they look good!
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                    those do look sexy
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                      You can see where they got the idea for the Z32 front there, basically looks almost the same...


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                        I had a set from Black DragonAuto on my car for a little while and I loved how they looked, unfortunately they where held on with velcro strips and some tape. So one flew off while going down the road so I had to take them off.


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                          SAME HERE :evil: , they dont seem to want to stay on, I had the msa's for 84-86 though

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