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  • Center Guage question...

    Me too!

    I have an 85 N/A and it must be an aussie thing having the oil temp. My temp also doesn't work, though I've had an auto electrician look at it and he told me I need a new oil sender unit. He told me there are two types of sender units for the z31, but the one that fits temp & pressure guage (2nd picture) has a "T" shaped censor in it.

    I've replaced my oil sender unit as well as fuel sender unit, and they still act all spastic. I'm going back to the guy so he can check and calibrate all the guages. Let me know how you get on with yours, im curious to see if its the same problem.

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    Yeah, I havn't really thought about it until just now. Might have to get someone to look at it.

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      Could be an aussie thing, or just a non-us thing. Can't trust everything you read on the internet.
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        Yeah that is correct, my NA is the same...