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Running and Parking Lights not working

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  • Running and Parking Lights not working

    So i am having a problem with lighting. I have no parking/running lights. The headlights also don't pop up. The fuse, that i assume runs all those, blows immediatly. I am pretty sure the wiring harnesses are shared all the way up to all the plugs. But what would i know.....

    Please help :shock:

    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...

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    The headlights, h-lt motor and side markers don't come out of the same plug. Same wiring harness...yes.

    Do you have any rear side lights or brake lights. Assuming you would I believe the circuits are independent.

    You have a dead short if that fuse is blowing. Sorry to say but you have some crappy electrical troubleshooting ahead. Look for the simple stuff first...corroded connectors, pinched wires, cracked connectors, anything that doesn't look good basically. Worst case you may need to check continuity on each line. If you need help on figuring out how to do that PM or e-mail me, glad to help.

    If that doesn't reveal the issue then you may want to check the Headlamp relay, Passing relay, and the Headlamp timer. On my car they are tucked behind a black plastic cover right behind the windshield fluid reservoir. (I have an 84 and not sure if all years are the same in this regard)

    Good luck. Holler if needed. 8)
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      This is the interior illumination circuit, it runs all of those things. You would also have no rear taillights when the lights are on...

      This is appearing to me to be one of the slightly more common of the very few electrical problems Z31's have.

      Check everything in by the radio, then pull the panel under the steering wheel and check for any crispy wires.


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        Headlights on - to lights other than them selves

        Headlight motors also un happy

        Signals, brake lights, headlights, hazards- all work

        *Checking for crispy wires.

        *side thought. FURELLLLLLL, this happened when i did the black interior swap, or soon after pretty much.
        Thanks again for helping with my 20's.

        Terrible idea putting those wheels on...