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Black color selection?

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  • Black color selection?

    I know it sounds kind of stupid, but blacks vary alot. In the future I plan on painting my 86 Turbo black, but I am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for exact color names? Photos would help too!

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    Go to your local automotive paint shop and have them help your with your dilema. There a literally a slew of things that can be tastefully done with "black".
    Have the shop mix a small portion of the ideas so a test panel can be sprayed.
    I get alot of people asking for small variations to Black original colored cars...things like a gold or silver metallic to add glisten/sparkle.
    Be different!
    I am here to help...


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      OH! BTW, Black is the worst color for helping to "hide" repairs/defects/flaws in the paint application process.
      *Be sure whoever paints it knows what thier doing and has confidence with "black" and thier workmanship. No amount of detailing(wetsanding/blending/buffing) can fix problems with the base color black.
      ^^Black can be the biggest Moaner of a color. This is just another reason to stear clear of "solid black". Adding a small amount of mettalic will help.
      I am here to help...


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        Agreed. Black shows EVERYTHING... and you have to wash it ten times a day.

        It's frickin awesome when the bodies perfectly straight, and they knew how to paint.

        Nissan called it 'Thunder Black' for most (if not all) Z31 black applications.

        There was also some 'midnight blue' that I've seen, It's black appearing, but you catch in the light right, and it's actually an extremely dark blue.
        vg33et -blew some chunks outta it, then gave it all away.
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          I painted my 86t Nissan Super Black. 1998 Nissan Super Black. The other guys are correct. You better have a very straight car to put black on it. It shows every ding & dimple. Swirl marks are more noticeable as well. It takes lots of care to keep it looking good. On the other hand, if you get into any accidents, it's an easy color for body shops to match. That's one of the reasons I painted mine black. I have added the front lip, hood scoop, side skirts and painted them 5 years after the body was painted. Perfect match. Here are a "few"pics of my beast.

          [img]a href=[/img]

          378whp 445wtq

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            Thanks for the tips there Dan!

            That black is very nice Mark, almost a mirror-like finish! Do you have the paint code for that color? That would be a good test comparison color I think for any other color black mixed up...