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    I am thinking of upgrading my speakers, amp, subs.... what i am intersted in is what you guys have learned, heard etc. over the years about brands (Pioneer, alpine...)

    I'm thinking of doing the interior of the car in MOMO/POLK so...

    right now i have an alpine stereo deck but it really is nothing compared to what got stolen (pioneer P-6600)

    please dont just state that a brand sucks- EXPLAIN
    thanks in advance
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    I picked up some polk 6.5's and a 12" last year, I haven't installed them yet, no headunit


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      Blaupunkt Bermuda head unit.

      I picked it up 6 months ago for ~200

      Plays MP3's, aux output, many nice easy to deal with settings, simple...

      The CD drive was always slow on pushing it out. Then the player stopped working a week ago, two days ago i took it back the the LOCAL shop and they ordered a new one and exchanged it for free under blaupunkts 1 year warranty. It looks like they did alot to the drive system, as well as the disk reading system.

      My two cents

      oh and a JL 10"

      Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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        I just put in boston 6.5's all around and they're great (I dont' have the model numbers handy) accompanied by an alpine deck and amp.

        What I found the best in this new system though are the subs. Boston G1's, specifically for how small the magnets are and the minimum space needed for sound quality. I was easily able to construct a box to fit and look good in the cubby hole in my SS. They sounds amazing and have a good amount of thump for 10" subs.

        When I get home from work I'll see if I can find part numbers, but I am VERY impressed with this system as a hole and the contralability is wicked with the alpine deck I purchased.
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          I'm cheap.

          I went 4 Sony Xplode 6.5"s, Pioneer head unit. I wanted a little more bass so I went with an MTX amp and Xplode 12" sub. Meh, it doesn't sound that bad for what I've got into the system.
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            i put a Kenwood MP3 head unit and a set of Pioneer 6.5" speakers in about 2 years ago. sounds real good. the head unit is the KDC-MPV7019. it does 50w x 4 channels, iirc. there's probably newer better stuff out now, but this has served me perfectly so far.

            the speakers are Pioneer TS-A1680R, and are 4 way speakers. they can use the boost in bass from a good subwoofer, but they produce everything else crisp and clean at whatever volume level I choose.

            I also reran all of the speaker wiring when I did this.
            I used to run 2 10" kenwood subs in a big old box, but I sold them. Whenever I finish my fiberglass subwoofer box, I have an Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1d and a new amp to power it.
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              My car is so stiff that CDs skipped with my Sony Xplode. So I looked into buying a SD (secure digital) playing head unit. EXPENSIVE. Then I found that Lotus Elise have them. $100 used. What a steal!
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                yeah, my trans am made the shitttty jensen skipp, the bermuda solved that. The stock speakers are pretty good.
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                Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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                  i have a pioneer deck.

                  4 -pioneer 6.5's 3 ways
                  1- 10" pioneer sub in a bandpass box.
                  1-pioneer 300 watt mosfet amp for the sub
                  1- 444 watt 4 channel sony explode mosfet amp for the 6.5" pioneers

                  i ran 14 gauge wire to all the 6.5" speakers and 10ga. to the sub.

                  it sounds pretty good. one thing i have noticed with pioneer decks is they never skip. the deck i have is the one i used to have in my toyota truck i used for rockcrawling. it never skipped off road. they make very good decks.
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                    Head unit:
                    From a reliability standpoint, Pioneer is probably the current best. Sound quality would depend largely on the amount you want to spend. Alpine F1 or Nakamichi (japan only models) are the best currently I know of.

                    Overall I would avoid any Sony made after 1997 (post C90 models).
                    Anything sold at walmart or similar is bad.
                    Blaupunkt comes and goes but I've never been a big fan due to their inconsistency issues.
                    Kenwood is good.
                    Eclipse lost a lot after some legal battles with Alpine.
                    Alpine makes some decent stuff depending on cost.

                    Ewww.......there isnt much worth a shit out there new these days.
                    That is a whole rant of itself with me.

                    Again dont shop walmart. Most coax's sound like shit due to the fact the mid has no crossover and the tweeter just uses a 6db cap. Lots of great drivers are out there but packaged with shitty crossovers as well. This is more a "go listen for yourself" kinda aspect of the discussion.

                    What do you want to spend?
                    What do you listen to and at what levels?
                    What do you expect out of the system?

                    Give us more and the discussion could get to be a lot more useful to you.

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                      Like others above I like the Pioneer. Tough to beat the cost/performance if you stay in the 4000/5 series decks. I recently installed a 4300 for $150. I really like it, but I need better speakers now. My front/rear speakers are 10+ years old and have suffered much abuse.

                      My suggestion on speakers is to search out the mid/upper end speakers. Most places sell the lower end stuff.

                      The decision I cam to is the Pioneer D Series speakers front and back. 6 1/2" front and 6x9" rear. ( I already modified the rear speaker location for 6x9 several years ago so they will be an easy drop in) I will be installing these this winter.

             ... 96,00.html

                      They aren't cheap, but...if you ever have a chance to hear G Series (what most places sell) VS the D Series you will be amazed and the increased price is well worth it if you can make it work in your budget.

                      I am also considering adding one of the 6 1/2" subs with a decent amp in the little rear storage compartment behind the wheel well on the drivers side. Mount the amp behind it. Ive heard these speakers in action....unbelievably tight and clear.

             I said, not cheap. Whichever brand you want look at their web site for their mid/upper end series. Most places only carry the lower end stuff and the performance/cost difference will be well worth the effort and cost. :wink:
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                        Something else to consider is depending on your listening desires, you can use a small powered sub. Like OR-z said, a 6.5" or 8" is more than enough if you are listening to "music". One of my cars has a powered 8" with a slightly modified amp (for S/N not power) and it makes for wonderful and musical bass.


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                          ^ yep... most guys who dont know the differnce assume that a couple 10 or 12" subs will actually give better and bigger sound.

                          Not true unless you get very high end and very tight subs = big $$ and a box that is specifically designed for the sub to allow for it's inadequacies.

                          If you want really good sound quality and tight sound then get smaller subs or go with an isobaric box. (most shops don't have a clue how to build them correctly and unless you find someone who really understands the principals involved don't waist your time and $$) I helped build isobaric boxes with a guy who was one of the copyright authors of the idea 15 years ago. He taught me a lot about car sound systems obviously.

                          Lose the big sub idea and get some smaller and tighter subs that perform very well with all types of music and don't get sloppy when it really counts. Don't underestimate the results of solid mounting of any speaker. :wink:
                          Just stand back and throw money.
                          Performance costs money.
                          Reliable performance costs more.


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                            to be queit honest price isnt going to be much issue but within 0-2000max because i want the z to be unique- besides not being a civic, so the sound system i was thinking of doing like was said would be polk/momo to suit the rest of the interior, C400.4 amp (100x4) for speakers and db6500 or mmc6500 speakers, 1 or 2 MM2084DVC (8" subs) C300.2 (220x2) amp for subs, which will be in a custom fiberglass enclosure...

                            head unit i dont know yet

                            my goal for this car is to be able to drive it 20 years from now (hopefully) and still feel alright driving it (kind of like a beemer) i dont want to be the 40 year old honda civic guy featured on NOPI or some sht :roll:
                            Stocker 87 na z31 and a slightly modded 90 240sx


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                              Well if you already have that much set in mind, I'd say go to a dealer and listen to said components and see if you like them. You may hate the sound and change your mind.

                              /me thinks you'll be less impressed with polk than you think if you compare