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my electrical problem from hell

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  • my electrical problem from hell

    Ok ive tried to get answers and im going to now try this board as my last hope. For about a year my cd player, amp and all have been working fine with no hiccups. One day things just start going crazy and now when i turn off my car, the antenna stays up, and the amp stays on. its been killing my battery if i let it sit a few days. I tried putting another cd player in there and the same thing happens. Ive tried everything from leaving the speakers disconnected from the cd player, leaving just the antenna plugged, leaving just the amp plugged, and nothign seemed to change the problem. Something else that is strange is that the rear driver speaker is grounded when plugged in. I dont know why its the only speaker that gets grounded when its hooked up so i unhooked it from the cd player. Problem still persists. Im not sure whats going on but how does it screw up after being fine for over a year? Anyway it has to be grounding but i've no idea where it could possibly be. again, my symptoms are- rear driver speaker grounding out, antenna does not shut off, and amp does not cut off. One more note, i noticed when i removed the cd player the heatsink was warm to touch and it hadnt even been on. Someone has to know whats going on, i dont want to pay loads of money for someone to look at it when its probally something so simple.

    thanks for the help, much apprecicated.

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    Is the "ignition" wire hooked up right? or at all.

    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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      yeah, the radio shuts off but everything that i mention remains on, it makes no sense to me. its not the cd player, i stuck a different one in and the same thing happens.


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        did you try running a new signal wire for the amp/antenna?


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          no. no matter if only one of the two items is plugged up the item that is plugged will remain on.


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            Sounds like you probably have an electrical short in that wiring then. Just to start with... that's the only way I can figure you would be getting enough current through the signal wire to keep items triggered with the power off. Have you checked it with a voltmeter?


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              well my battery is dead again. i figure that it might be the constant 12 volt line to the cd player, or atleast it has one thing to do with it because power needs to be going through that to keep the antenna up and amp on. the cd player was very warm when i removed it. i just unhooked it for now, it may solve my problem for a little while but i dont want to lack music in my ride for too long


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                Are you using stock wiring? If so...don't. Also, does your Z have the stock amp under the passenger seat? If so you may want to consider unplugging that and running new wire to the speakers/amp. It could be dying and creating your issues.

                btw- where are you getting your switching voltage for the amp you mentioned from?

                I went through this kind of BS several years ago when I first removed the stock deck. All kinds of crazy electrical BS was going on. It was a power short issue as Jason suggested earlier.

                My solution was to run a line directly to the battery and find a new source for the ignition switching voltage. Worked great.

                More recently I went a couple steps further when I replaced that 6 yo deck with a new one. All new speaker wire, replaced the antenna with a $50 parts store special because the old one was erratic at best, and completely rewired all the power lines associated with the stereo. Good stuff, it takes some time, but I was happy with the results. Now I just need to get the new Pioneer G series speakers ordered. 8)
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                  my deck is only a year old, its the pioneer deh-6600. i rewired all the stock speaker wiring about half a year ago too so betty isnt hooked up. my car is a 86 n/a gl so theres no amp, i belive its just the security system. im considering rewiring the constant 12+ wire straight to the battery. the ignition wire is fine im nearly positive. i did try rewiring that and it changed nothing. i know its not the deck because another cd player will do the exact same thing. another problem i noted on the z31 board was that one of my headlamp fuses melted but didnt burn out. i replaced it about a month ago and havnt checked it since but maybe its apart of the problem to.